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Sunroom FAQ

Do you have questions about adding a sunroom to your home? Here are answers to the questions about sunrooms that we're most frequently asked. Feel free to contact us for more specific information about our sunroom products.

Are your sunrooms insulated?

In order to ensure that condensation issues are minimized and that comfortable temperatures in the sun room are met, insulated wall panels are required. These panels are strong and durable and work with an aluminum framing structure that allows for windows, doors, lights, baseboard heaters, ventilation systems and electrical outlets to be installed with them. Sunrooms are extensions of your existing living space and are meant for year round use…no different that your living room.


Do I need a building permit to put up a sunroom?

As this is considered an extension of your home and can also involve foundations or cement slabs on which the sunroom is constructed a building permit is required.


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