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Deck Railing FAQ

Are glass railings safe? How do I mount my railing? Below are some answers to the most frequently asked questions about outdoor deck and stair railings. 

How often does there need to be a post?

Spanning between deck posts depends on the type of railing: Glass railing 5', Picket 6' and up to 6' for our topless railing.


Don't all deck railings have to be fascia mounted because of building code now?

For new construction projects fascia mount is now specified however if you are replacing existing railing you do have the option to replace with deck mount railing.


Can you use deck mount railing with vinyl decking?

We typically suggest staying away from deck mount with vinyl decking on account of the holes that you end up puncturing through the vinyl in order to fasten the railing to the surface of the deck. Deck mounted railing can still be used with Vinyl in which case the holes and post plates are typically caulked to reduce the chances of water penetration.


How safe is the glass used in the the glass and topless railing system?

Similar to a car windshield, the glass products used in railing are very similar and are designed with impact in mind. Tempered or laminated safety glass are used in both systems; 6mm is used for the glass rail system (with top rail) and 10-12mm glass is used in our topless system (no top rail).


Can I use picket, glass or topless all one deck?

Yes. All the railing systems can be mixed and matched and work well with one another. Quite often customers will use picket railing on the sides of their decks and stairs and one of the glass railing systems at the front of their deck in order to maximize their view and minimize the visual interruptions.


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