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Deck Awning Installation

Before you install your awnings, you need to know the width of your deck area and the distance that you want them to extend from your house. You'll also want to decide the style of awning you want, and what's the best way to attach them to the exterior of your home. There are 3 options for installation: wall mount, under soffit, or above gutter. Our staff can help you determine the best options for your home as you consider the ease of installation, cost, and long term durability. Retractable deck awnings aren't closed in with fabric on the sides so they can offer more simple lines of design.

When you are installing the awnings you'll need to make sure the span is clear and doesn't have any obstructions such as outdoor lighting fixtures, or ventilation outlets. The mounting brackets will need to be attached into the wall studs or floor joists if you've got a second story to ensure they are structurally supported. If the wall isn't an option, you can also secure them to the roof trusses by using special brackets that are angled for this purpose. The number of brackets you need is determined by the span, keeping in mind that its bearing the weight of approximately 10 pounds per foot of span.

Start by figuring out the height of the front edge when the awning is extended. Add the distance of the drop or pitch to determine where the top position needs to be. (The documentation will provide more help with this process, and our installers are also available to make the job really easy.) Once you know the height, you can mark it on the wall with a chalk line. Use a stud finder to mark the placement of your brackets, being careful to find the centre of each stud. (Drilling a series of 1/8” inch holes horizontally about 1” below the chalk line can help you find the edges, then measure up to mark the centre on your chalk line, and seal them back up with silicon caulking).

You'll be attaching the brackets with 3" lag bolts, so your pilot holes will need to be 1/4" and about 2" into the studs. Once the brackets are attached, you can use more silicon caulking along the top of the mounting brackets. Next, attach the awning to the brackets as directed. Feel free to call our staff with questions, or avoid the ladders all together and have our installers do it for you so all you have to do is enjoy the view.

If you have a deck renovation, or a new home construction project and would like a quote on deck awnings, or awning installation give us a call


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