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Consider Your Windows if you're Selling your Home

fix broken windows before selling your homeThinking About Selling Your Home? Don’t Forget to Consider the Condition of Your Windows!

Foggy, drafty, cracking, broken, sticking, moldy – and especially missing windows – can drag down the value of your home in a heartbeat. While you can always hope prospective buyers won’t notice the condition of your home’s aging windows, a better idea is to get your windows fixed. Because even if an interested buyer doesn’t notice your property’s aging windows, a home inspector sure will!  

Like most people who are about to list their house for sale, you want to get top dollar for your property. You might have already thought about what needs improving and allocated some money towards sprucing up the place. Things like landscaping and painting to improve your home’s curb appeal are great investments, but what about the conditions of your windows?

If your home’s windows are suffering from the following problems, consider getting a quote for new windows or having your existing windows renovated. More often than not, it’s worth the expense to fix aging windows BEFORE listing your house for sale. Here are the most common window problems we see that affect a home’s value:

Foggy Windows

Foggy windows are caused by condensation or moisture that has gotten between the glass layers due to a failed seal. Foggy windows are more of an aesthetic problem than anything else and will continue to get worse, obstructing your view more and more along the way.

Solution: The best remedy for foggy windows is replacement or renovation.

Cracked Glass or Broken Windows

Cracked or broken windows can be caused by a number of issues, such as birds, baseballs, tree branches, or a rogue rock from the weed whacker hitting your window. Whatever the reason, depending how much damage has occurred, a cracked or broken window can signify that the rest of the home hasn’t be well-maintained.

Solution: Replace broken and cracked windows.

Drafty Windows

In the time of rising energy costs, more buyers are looking for homes that are energy efficient. If your windows are drafty, it means they are likely single-pane and letting in cold air in the winter and letting out your air-conditioning in the summer. If the windows are cold to the touch in winter and you can sense cold air coming through, there’s a draft, and it’s letting out a significant amount of your home’s winter heating bill.

Solution: Try a DIY repair that comes with weather-stripping or caulk. If this doesn’t work, it’s time to replace those aging drafty windows with new ones that are at least double-pane.

Moldy or Dirty Windows

Moldy window frames are another aesthetic problem that will get worse over time. Window frames can sometimes get moldy due to condensation, which signifies drafty windows or broken seals. The mold is often thickest on the track where the moisture pools. Moldy and dirty windows don’t look good and might send a message that there is mold elsewhere.

Solution: Clean moldy window frames to get a better idea of the condition of your windows.

Sticky Windows

If your windows don’t open and close easily because they are sticky and dirty, or made of wood that has warped over time, it can annoy prospective buyers who are touring your home and having to force the windows open and closed. A seemingly insignificant problem can signify a home that is old and requiring work.

Solution: Clean the window tracks or replace or renovate old wooden windows that no longer fit their frames.

Unsecured Windows

On the flipside, if windows are too EASY to open because they don’t lock or latch, this could turn off some buyers, especially those with young children requiring top-rated safety features in their windows. Just like energy efficiency, home buyers are looking at home security features not just as added bonuses these days, but as essential features. If none of your windows lock or even latch, this might come across as a downfall. This is especially true if you have a ground-level patio door that has little to no security features.

Solution: Invest in new windows that come with cam or pin locks. Review our blog post: 6 Ways to Improve the Security of Your Sliding Glass Door for more tips.

Renovating Windows is Quick and Convenient

All too often, windows get forgotten when it comes time to sell your house. To a homeowner with a lot on their mind, replacing windows might be seen as inconsequential or a lengthy process. Window replacement or renovation might also be thought of as something that is expensive, messy, or intrusive.

In actuality, there are window renovation solutions that are more economical, less intrusive, and faster than you’d think. For example, at Modern Windows we can quickly and easily convert and renovate old wood or aluminum windows into brand new vinyl windows. We do so in such a way that your old windows aren’t cut or torn out, so your building envelope (siding and wall construction) is not touched or compromised.

The Bottom Line

Windows are an important part of a home and shouldn’t be overlooked. Any problems with your windows should be addressed as quickly as the discovery of a leaky roof or cracked foundation. Don’t let a home inspector inform your prospective buyers that your home’s windows are in poor condition, or else they might request a price reduction! Spending the money upfront to fix your home’s glass issues will definitely cost less than having to lower your selling price mid-way through a real estate transaction.

If you have window problems and you live on Vancouver Island, Powell River, or the Sunshine Coast, the window experts at Modern Windows can help. Contact us to learn more, or request a free quote on upgrading your windows before you list your house. 

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