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3 Things To Keep in Mind When Shopping For The Best Retractable Awning

retractable window awningsGet your deck or patio ready for spontaneous summer entertainment! We are entering the prime season when an awning would be an ideal add-on to your existing deck or patio– but what is it that you should look for when purchasing a retractable awning?

1.) Quality Durable Fabric:
Having fabric that is durable and high quality is one of the most important things to look for when purchasing an awning.  Rolltec Awnings - is a leading Canadian manufacturer of retractable awnings and a new supplier for Modern.

Non-acrylic fabrics such as, polyester and cotton canvas are not nearly as strong as acrylic fabrics, which are manufactured for a much longer lifespan.  Rolltec Awnings offers their exclusive World of Elegance fabric collection, which includes the finest quality fabric in numerous shades and elite designs.

2.) Maintenance & Accessories:
Rolltec Awnings require no maintenance and can be made to the exact specifications of the customer. Being able to customize the size of the awning, allows the home and the awning to flow together, which in turn allows you to expand your outdoor living area.

Imagine the ease of retracting your awning with a touch of a button or remote control. Having the ability to access modest and innovative operating functions but also have the ability to use these accessories in order to adapt to each person's lifestyle is incredible!

Living on the West Coast there is often strong winds and having a Wire Free™ Wind Sensor on your awning is a great accessory. It is a wireless, battery-operated sensor that detects too much wind, and it automatically retracts when the wind becomes too severe.  Having accessory options like this is a huge bonus to anyone looking to buy an awning.

3.) Warranty:
Rolltec offers a 10-year warranty on their fabrics used for their awnings. They also produce most of their awning mechanisms here in Canada and only use top quality materials in their design and construction. They pride themselves on flawless stitching which utilizes computerized sewing operations to ensure strength and longevity.

This Canadian manufacturing company is able to provide the kind of quality and durability that you are searching for! Whether you are looking for an awning for a rustic backyard retreat or one with a scenic view, Modern can provide you with exactly what you are looking for. Contact them at for a free quote anywhere on Vancouver Island, Powell River, The Sunshine Coast, or the Greater Vancouver Area.

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