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How to Fix a Drafty Door

Does Your Door Have a Tight Enough Seal?

Did you know that a ⅛-inch gap around the perimeter of your door can let in as much air as a small window left open halfway?

Air gaps let the harsh winter weather in and allow the heat to escape. This can force your heater to work much harder than it …

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What are Soffits and Why Do They Matter?

How Soffits and Fascia Help to Keep your Home Healthy

Imagine if your home had a gap all the way around it, where wet weather, wind and pests could all get in and wreak havoc. That could be the case if it wasn’t for your soffits.

If you’re not in the building trade, you may not have heard th…

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Using Glass Windows and Doors to Connect Interior and Exterior Living Spaces

How Windows and Doors can Create Seamless Transitions Throughout your Home


Outdoor living spaces are becoming more popular as homeowners look to maximize private space, find ways to connect with nature and have a place to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. 

Now, homeowners, d…

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Vertical Siding is a Stylish, Modern Option

Why You Should Consider Vertical Siding for Your New Home or Renovation

Vertical siding is trending in home design and for some good reasons. With a distinctive look that gives traditional homes a contemporary vibe and complements the clean lines of modern homes, it's no wonder homeowners, ar…

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Frequently Experienced Garage Door Problems and Their Possible Causes

If your garage door is fully functional, it will serve its purpose of protecting you and your home. However, problems can soon crop up if it is not properly cared for and maintained. A garage door that doesn't function well will not be good for you and may even cause accidents.

The minute that yo…

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Modern Skylights are a Great Choice

Why Skylights Are Still Incredibly Popular

Skylights have developed a somewhat poor reputation over the years, with horror stories of leaking and condensation. Rest assured, modern skylights are a world away from their older versions and can be a wonderful addition to any home.

The skylights on th…

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New Construction? 5 Great Reasons to Choose Modern Windows

Builders, Architects & Homeowners Love Our Wide Selection of Exterior Finishing Products

New construction, renovations, updates and upgrades are a big deal to your clients and to you, as their chosen builder or architect. Chances are, they’ve been dreaming of their incredible custom-built home or…

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What to Remember When Buying a Garage Door

While it can seem trivial, investing in a new garage door is one of the most important home improvement purchases you will make as a homeowner. Undeniably, the garage door is one of the frequently used appliances in your home. 

Since it also impacts your property's security and appeal, you need …

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Upgrade your Windows and Doors and Save with BC and Canada’s Grant and Rebate Programs

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows and Doors and Save

Upgrade to energy-efficient windows and doors and you can get thousands of dollars back in your pocket thanks to current rebate and grant programs. These programs reward eco-consciousness and energy efficiency for products like new vinyl wi…

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Aluminum Vs. Vinyl Windows

What’s the Difference and Which is the Best Choice?

While countless older homes were constructed with wood windows and some modern homes still are, they’re as charming as they are inefficient. Aluminum windows actually appeared as early as 1912 for use in railroad cars, streetcars, buses, and e…

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How to Clean Vinyl Siding and Other Vinyl Siding Questions

Make Your Vinyl Siding Look as Good as New

First created in the 1950s as a replacement for aluminum siding, vinyl siding has grown steadily in popularity due to its sheer quality and low maintenance. Not only is it cost-effective, but it can also be a long-lasting solution for modern home con…

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Duradek Vinyl Decking Can Transform Your Outdoor Space

Completely Upgrade the Surface of Your Deck or Patio with Duradek Vinyl Decking 

Are you tired of spending valuable weekends with a sander and cans of sealant, in an attempt to keep your deck waterproofed? Is the wood splintered or your old no-name brand vinyl decking peeling and cracking? It's …

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Sunroom Furniture Ideas and Inspiration

A Guide to Choosing the Right Sunroom Furniture

Choosing the right sunroom furniture is not only dependent on your personal style, taste and budget. The main factor influencing your furnishing choices will be the purpose that your sunroom is going to have in your home. Whether you use it as:

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The Many Benefits of Adding a Sunroom to Your Home

Sunrooms and Solariums from Modern Windows Have Many Wonderful Options and Features

Sunrooms, sunroom additions, solariums, conservatories, or patio enclosures; whatever you call them, they are the perfect solution for adding more space, functionality and value to your home.

Some Options for Y…

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Gutters Leaking? Why Seamless Gutters are the Answer

Custom Seamless Gutters Protect Your Home

Is it raining again?? If heavy rains put stress on your existing traditional gutter system, it might be time to consider an upgrade to seamless gutters. Your gutters work hard every single day, sheltering your home from all types of rain and snowy weather…

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Commercial Storefront Window Installation and Glass Repair

Create a Welcoming Storefront with High Quality Windows and Doors from Modern Windows

Custom commercial glass products add natural light and a warm welcome to your storefront. Our team of professionals can recommend the ideal windows and doors to create an inviting entrance, from subtle overhead …

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What is Insulation?

Important Things to Know About Insulation for Your Home

Insulation is a barrier between the inside of your home and the surrounding environment. It’s a material designed to keep your home at a comfortable temperature by reducing heat loss and heat gain. In layman’s terms, it helps to keep your…

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Increase Curb Appeal with Custom Garage Doors

Options for Upgrading Your Home’s Garage Doors

Why should front doors get all the love? The look of your garage doors can make or break the appearance of your home. Rusted, peeling and discoloured doors detract from the landscaping and your home's exterior. In fact, according to an article on B…

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Roll Shutters - Storm Protection, Security & Energy Efficiency

Roll Shutters Offer Next-Level Security for Complete Peace of Mind

Your windows are a large investment for your home or business. When it comes to safeguarding your windows and glass doors, it makes sense to offer as much defense as you can against the elements, vandalism and theft. Doing double-…

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Types of Exterior Doors

Choosing the Best Exterior Door Options for Your Home

The exterior doors of your home unify the look of your entryways and should be as inviting as possible. As door and window experts, Modern Windows knows that your door needs to be secure, durable and complement the look of your home, while a…

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