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Tips for Choosing a Vinyl Siding Colour

Choosing a colour for your home exterior can seem pretty daunting, but taking a little time to consider a few factors can make it easier to reach a decision.  If you're considered vinyl siding as an option there are a few quick advantages worth mentioning. Firstly, vinyl siding offers a lot more options these days compared to its original debut. Vinyl siding choices used to be limited to which colour to choose, but these days vinyl siding and soffit products can effectively mimic the look of other popular siding choices including cedar shingles and rock siding.  Modern carries a variety of styles so you can get the advantage of minimal maintenance while still achieving the natural look you love. If you choose a rock siding style, the vinyl siding colour choice may be a no-brainer but if you want your vinyl siding to look like painted wood or shingles, here are some tips.

1.  You'll want to consider the architecture of your home and the setting it's in.  How visible do you want your home to be?  Is your home nestled in greenery or is it one of many on a street? How much light is available in its setting?  A darker colour surrounded by greenery may not stand out. On the other hand, if it's the only bright coloured house on the street, it may stand out more than you expected. Unlike wood that needs to be repainted, vinyl siding colour keeps its richness for years. The trade-off for the ongoing low maintenance of vinyl siding is staying with a colour you love.

2. Colour makes a strong impression so you'll want to choose something that makes the statement you want to make.  Many professional designers rely on colour theory to make choices because they understand that even though colour preference is subjective, they are often perceived differently depending on different cultures and personal backgrounds. For example, the colour red has a big message and can indicate happiness and success, importance, or danger, depending on the situation.  Blue, on the other hand, can evoke feelings of security and tranquility and coolness, while green can remind a person of prosperity, renewal, and growth. 

 3. While it's important to choose your own style, if your home is on a street, you'll want to consider whether the colour of the homes around yours will complement or clash with your choice.  Modern vinyl siding is available in both classic and designer colours, and there's over 20 to choose from so you're sure to find a colour that will "play well with others".

4. The colour you choose for your vinyl siding can also do some heavy lifting for you. If you choose a light colour,  the whole house will appear large and bright, while darker colours can compact the look of even a larger house.  If you have a lot of space around your home, you may want to consider adding an accent colour to your colour scheme. This can effectively draw your eye to accentuate details and look more interesting.  

Stop in at our Modern locations in Courtenay or Powell River to take a look at our vinyl siding colour selections. (They're available online but they look even better in person).  Bring along a photo of your home and our team can introduce you to some vinyl siding colour options to find what you're looking for. 

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