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Types of Exterior Doors

Choosing the Best Exterior Door Options for Your Home

The exterior doors of your home unify the look of your entryways and should be as inviting as possible. As door and window experts, Modern Windows knows that your door needs to be secure, durable and complement the look of your home, while also matching your budget. This is why we offer an infinite selection of aluminum, fiberglass, steel, vinyl and wood doors that are fully customizable, energy conscious and NAFS approved.

Entry Doors

Your home’s front door unifies the look of your entrance and it should be as inviting as possible. At Modern Windows, we offer nearly endless options for customized entry doors. Choose from a wide variety of finishes, hardware and décor options. You can even choose to have your door made of multiple materials to completely fit the look and feel you’re after. NAFS approved, our entry doors are secure and energy efficient. Whether you choose fiberglass, steel, or hardwood, you’ll be getting the highest-quality exterior door for your home.


Fiberglass doors are designed to be long-lasting and as energy efficient as possible. They can be created with a woodgrain texture to mimic fine wood doors, without the worry of shrinking, warping or delaminating. They are easily cleaned with just soap and water and resist scratching and denting. If refinishing is needed, it must be done by a professional to avoid any damage to the door.


The most affordable option between fiberglass and wood doors, steel doors can also be created with different textures, colours and finishes. Durable and strong, steel doors are the most secure option available. Any dents that occur over time can be repaired with a DIY autobody repair kit. Steel doors are also highly energy efficient, keeping cold out and warmth in.


Although fiberglass and steel doors can be designed to look like an authentic wood door, there is nothing quite like the patina that a wood door develops with age. A solid hardwood door is naturally energy efficient. Wood disguises dings and dents more easily and it’s easy to repair by sanding and repainting or re-staining. Keep in mind that wood doors require more maintenance, including annual staining and repainting, to keep the wood protected from harmful moisture. The upkeep is well worth it for the look and feel that wooden doors create.

French Doors and Patio Doors

Next on the list of exterior door options are french doors and patio doors. Used in spaces leading to decks and patios, these glass paneled doors help to bring the outside inside. Available in a wide array of sizes and materials (ask about custom sizing), doors from Modern offer high security and style.

For more help choosing between patio doors vs. french doors, read our blog post here.

French Doors

With a grid pattern and the option to swing in or out, French doors offer a sophisticated feel. They’re ideal for back patios as well as Juliette style and street-facing balconies. While French doors do need a larger footprint, they also create a convenient larger pathway to and from the outdoor living space. French doors can be customized to swing in or out, with right or left side hinges, depending on the layout of your home. Available in fiberglass or wood and a large selection of colour, glass and grid patterns plus an optional sliding screen, French doors are a timeless choice for a classically styled home.

Patio Doors

Also known as sliding glass doors, patio doors from Modern are available in vinyl and aluminum in custom and standard sizes. Patio doors don’t require the opening space that a french door needs, making them compatible with even the most compact spaces. Light enough to open with a single finger thanks to steel wheels and other high-end components, our patio doors are double glazed, created with soft coat low e & argon and are ENERGY STAR certified. A top choice of many of our customers, our vinyl patio doors also offer triple security with foot locks, dual pin locks and a keyed lock.

Our vinyl patio doors come with a convenient integrated sliding screen for a one and done solution. Choose from white, beige, or brown (aluminum frame) or colour-match your vinyl or aluminum door to your home’s exterior. Love the look of French doors, but prefer the ease of a patio door? We can customize your vinyl patio door with grid patterns to add visual interest and mimic the look of a French door.

Glass Inserts

Any door you select can be customized with decorative glass panels. Glass inserts in a front door can easily refresh the look of your home. They also help to bring light into your entryway while still being highly energy efficient. Because we’re window and door specialists, we offer an array of glass inserts in every finish, pattern and texture imaginable.


Is your patio door impossible to open and close? Is your front door an eyesore and letting in a draft? It might be time to replace your exterior doors. Modern Windows has an infinite selection of materials, colours, finishes, decorative accents and hardware available to perfectly complement your home. Unsure which door style will work best for your front door or your patio or deck door? Contact us. Our experts have many years of experience creating doors suited to homes of every size and style. We’ll help narrow your door selection right down to the hardware to ensure that you like what you see every time you come home.

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