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The Many Benefits of Retractable Awnings

To Get the Most from your Outdoor Living Space, Consider a Retractable Awning

If you need shade for your outdoor refuge, a retractable awning might be just the solution.

Imagine... no bulky umbrellas to maneuver and no rearranging patio furniture to follow the shade throughout the day— just cool, comfortable enjoyment of your patio, deck, pool or any other outdoor area year-round. With a retractable awning from Modern, you can work, play, entertain guests and just relax outdoors without weather as a deciding factor.

Manufactured by Toronto-based Rolltec Awnings, our selection of retractable awnings provide shade and coolness during hot days. They also prevent glare and sun damage to indoor and outdoor furniture and finishings, while simultaneously cooling your home’s interior. Incredibly versatile, you can customize the size, installation method, fabric and even choose between manual or motorized models.

Increase Curb Appeal and Property Value

The clean lines of retractable fabric awnings add polish and dress up a home’s exterior, especially when the colours and pattern complement the architecture and surroundings. With hundreds of colour and pattern choices in fade-resistant, premium-grade Sunbrella fabric, you can choose fabric and hardware options that complement your design scheme.

Awnings can also add value to your home, since potential buyers love to see a natural extension from indoor to outdoor spaces. This additional usable space is a huge selling point! Overall, the combination of aesthetics and function are an appealing selling feature, particularly when combined with potential energy savings.

Climate Control at the Touch of a Button

With a motorized model, use a remote, computer or smartphone app to open and close single or multiple awnings around your home.

You can also choose Wire Free™ sensors for hands-free climate control. Even when you’re away from home, your awning will unfurl to block the sun or close to avoid damage during windy periods. Convenient and effective, an automated retractable awning will ensure that your indoor and outdoor living spaces are as comfortable as possible.

Save on Energy Consumption

Increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs is a priority for homeowners through all seasons. Retractable awnings help cool the interior of your home and reduce the amount of energy needed through spring and summer. The benefits aren’t just limited to the hotter months though, they can also reduce heat loss during the fall and winter.

For the ultimate in convenience, motorized retractable awnings with the Wire Free™ solar sensor will automatically unfurl when it gets too hot. This ensures your home stays as cool as possible during even the warmest days.

Completely Customizable and Made with Premium Materials

Customize your retractable awning to fit your life. Choose every aspect down to the pitch you need for the most privacy or the most sun protection.

A retractable awning mounted nearly flat will provide the largest area of shade, while an awning mounted on a steeper pitch will provide extra privacy and a smaller but solid area of sun protection. Retractable fabric awnings can also be mounted to the wall, above the gutter or under soffits, depending on the preferred height, pitch and installation method.

Your retractable fabric awning will be made to measure based on the area you wish to cover, whether it’s a single window or a larger deck or patio space. For areas more exposed to the elements, the optional protective hood will store and protect the fabric when the awning is retracted.

Durable and Protected by 10 Year Warranty

Unlike the awnings you may find in retail stores, there are no plastic parts or pieces to break or wear out over time. Heavy-duty, corrosion resistant hardware is made to stand up to many years of use. As an industry leader, Sunbrella fabrics are thickly woven and infused with teflon to resist mold and mildew growth for lasting beauty and vibrancy. They’re also backed by a 10-year warranty for peace of mind.

Easy Installation and Low Maintenance

Whether you DIY or have Modern’s team of installers take care of the job for you, the installation of a retractable awning can be done in just a couple of hours with a ladder and some basic tools.

Retractable fabric awnings dry quickly, thanks to the teflon-infused Sunbrella fabric. Just leave the awning out to dry after it has rained before rolling it back up to prevent unsightly mold and mildew.

Once per month, run over the inside and outside of the fabric with a broom and hose it down with cold water. For a deeper clean, spray a mixture of water and mild detergent, then rinse with clean, cold water. Note: never use a power washer, as this may damage the fabric.

Today’s retractable fabric awnings have a lot to offer! With your choice of hundreds of colours, sizes and styles, there’s bound to be a custom solution ideal for your home. To find yours, contact Modern for a free quote anywhere on Vancouver Island, Powell River, the Sunshine Coast or the Greater Vancouver Area.

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