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Online Photo Contest

We have an online photo contest happening now where you can upload any of your photos that might be captioned with the our tagline "Great Taste In Windows". What that looks like is up to you, and we can let the voters decide! We ran a similar contest several years ago, and which resulted in our featured Modern  "STARS",  a dog named Spencer and a boy named Scott.

We heard that the only way that Spencer would lick the window for the photo was if there was some olive oil in it for him. Only then would he start licking the glass with that goofy dog grin we've become so fond of. What motivated the youngster in the Oshkosh overalls to do the same, we'll never know. What we do know is that Scott is considerably taller now, and likely has great taste in a whole lot of other areas besides glass.

If you have a photo that you think would say someone you know has "Great taste in windows" let us know! The winner will be the photo that gets the most votes after July 26th so upload yours today! You could win $250 cash, and we'll match that prize with a donation to the BCSPCA. Here's the link to enter and upload! 


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