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Benefits of Choosing Vinyl Siding

If you're still under the impression that vinyl siding is less appealing than wood, we need to talk. Seriously, the evolution of vinyl siding products in the last decade is nothing less than impressive and if you're home renovation plan includes residing, then vinyl siding deserves your consideration. Set up your columns for pros and cons, and let's look at a few points.

1. Pro: Bugs don't eat it. It is the houses that are sided with wood that are vulnerable to termites, powder beetles and carpenter ants. So you won't have to add the cost and hazards of pesticides to your maintenance schedule.

2. Pro: Speaking of maintenance, there really isn't much to do. No scraping, no priming, no painting. Did we mention no crack sealing and crevice hunting? Your maintenance is basically washing it, which is considerably less time and expense than just the scraping and priming for a wooden structure.

3. Pro: Vinyl siding is as attractive as wood, in fact it can even look like a classic wood grain exterior.

4. Pro: It isn't limited to beige. It can be any colour you would paint your wood siding to be, but with less fading, fewer ladders, no paint cans to spill or labour costs to pay.

5. Pro: It's easy to install. In fact you don't even have to install it yourself. We have professional installers to do that for you. 

6. Pro: It can be accessorized and colour coordinated with your eave vents, posts, light blocks, ledges, shutters, gutters and trim.

7. Pro:  It looks great, and can add instant curb appeal to your existing home. Even if you're not thinking of selling now, it's durable enough to protect your investment year after year.

8. Pro: It's wallet friendly. When you add up the costs of materials, installation, coordinating features, painting, and maintenance and compare them to wood

9. Pro: By pairing the durability of vinyl siding with a good quality foam insulation, you can add decades of energy efficiency to your home budget by eliminating drafts and keeping the heat you're paying for inside your walls.

10. Con. Well, there is one disadvantage to making this list,  and that is that you haven't already gotten started.We can help. Our staff can answer all of your questions to decide what kind of vinyl siding is best for your project and budget, what options are available, and the differences between them. Once you've picked out the siding that you want, our professional installers can get the job done for you so when the rains come (and they will), you don't have to wonder what the bugs are up to.

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